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Name:15 Song Titles
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W E L C O M E !
Welcome to 15_song_titles, a numbered claim community like so many others. I am Ragna (afteriwake), a co-mod over at csi50 as well as many other communities.

I made this community so that people who just want a simple prompt and a small amount of fics to write would have a place to go. The point of this community is to pick 15 song titles from the list of 200+. With your 15 chosen song titles you write one fic for each title that is inspired by the title. You don't have to find the lyrics and use those; all you need is the title (however, if you want to use the lyrics, be my guest).

That's it. No time limits (though I do ask you post at least one fic every two months). Easy, right?

There are a few quirks for this community you need to keep in mind:

1 - No RPF/RPS.
2 - No incest.
3 - Original characters are allowed, either in their own fandom (please label the fandom as "Original Work" if you choose to do this) or in an already established fandom.
4 - Crossovers are allowed.
5 - Even though it says "pairing" everywhere, threesomes are allowed. Anything over that is not.
6 - You can choose a pairing and not have the fics be romantic in nature; the type of relationship your characters have is up to you.
7 - All ratings of fic are accepted, but please place everything behind a cut (regardless of rating) or use a fake-cut. And label fics if there's anything a reader needs to be warned about.
8 - Any size fic that is at least 100 words is accepted; however, if you choose to do a multi-part fic, each part must relate to one overall song title instead of each chapter being influenced by a seperate title.
H O W * T O * P A R T I C I P A T E
blank table/prompts | claims/make a claim | hall of fame

S I G N I N G * U P

1 - Comment at the claims post. Multiple people can claim the same character/pairing. You can have three claims at a time max.
2 - Wait for me to approve your claim; you will be given a tag (which will be listed next to your claim on the claims listin case you lose it) and then you can start posting.


1 - No flaming.
2 - You have to post at least once every other month. All fics must be new fics, written specifically for this community (but you can combine our prompts with those of other communities).
3 - If you want to drop/modify a claim, leave a comment at the claims post.

F I C * H E A D E R

csi50 | fic_cd_mix | 10pokes | joss100 | fic_variations | fanfic_ripples | 10_titles

Want to affiliate? Leave a comment at the claims post.

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